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    Quote Originally Posted by namnat View Post
    Or should I just finish it for the wife?
    This could work in your favor. Just don't let her know she's getting a "mistake." I did pretty well making the prototypes for my wife, as long as she thought I was being thoughtful making hers first. I knew my gig was up when she said, "You make mine first, work out all the mistakes, then yours comes out perfect. Don't you?"

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    Size does matter

    Quote Originally Posted by namnat View Post
    Messed up. I'm 5'10'' and I have my 1.9oz RS cut to 9 feet. I see many people on the forum using 11 footers.

    You think I'll be ok? Or should I just finish it for the wife? She is around 5'7'' or should I start making stuff sacks and buy more fabric.
    If there's one thing I've learned here at HF it's that everyone is different. You gotta try it out to see if it fits you and your expectation of comfort. I've tried hammocks that guys heavier than me and taller than me love and I hated them--found them too short, not wide enough, etc. I love a bridge hammock whereas others hate the shoulder squeeze. Only one way to learn if this size/style is right for you: try it.

    Michael (SoCal Mike)


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