I was fully equiped. Had my Sil nylon tent, could set up in under 2 minutes. Was happy having a sleeping bag & pad. I slept on the ground, I was miserable sleeping, but that was how it was supposed to be. I was great at finding a flat (or nearly so) spot to set up, most of the time, never had to walk more than 5 miles further than planned . I even had my pack weight down to 28 lbs.

Then, I found out about hammocking. Yea, sure, I sleep better, don't have to crawl on the ground to get up, can set up in the same time as my tent, in more places.
But, I had to get or make: a hammock, tarp, underquilt, over quilt, etc. I still need a sil nylon tarp & probably should get a overquilt. AND, I had to learn how the darn thing works.



I "HAD" to get new gear, um, NEVERMIND!