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Digitizer , how big of a tarp would you recommend ? Would probably start out with that type myself . Let me know if I need to purchase anything for the suspension system or other things for setup. Thanks campalot
Campalot, Let me check the camping room tonight and let you know. I am pretty sure I would have everything you would need for the hang with the exception of an underquilt and topquilt. You will need a sleeping bag that you can unzip to the foot box or some type of topquilt. I just use a down sleeping bag unzipped and it works well. The underquilt can just be a combination of pads if we don't have an underquilt available. A lot of hammock hangers prefer pads to underquilts as it creates a flater bed like surface.

You may want to throw your tent in your car just in case we set this all up for you and we find out that you are to tall for my rig, although the manufactures website claims it creates a bed surface of 7 ft. 2 in. L x 5 ft. W and if I recall you were tall but not 7 ft. tall. I always feel like this model is a little big for me and I am 5 ft. 8 in. tall. so I think it will be fine for you.

As for as the suspension goes I should have everything we need once my whoopie sling arrives in the mail. Ordered them last week so I am hoping they will arrive this week and thanks to Hairbear's gift exchange on the last camp-out I now have the toggles needed to hold it to the tree straps.

I will give you an update after I set everything up this evening just to be sure that I am not missing anything.