Just a quick question, don't put too much into it because the obvious answer is go hang it up and see... On the other hand it is an excuse to show off the "interesting" sewing of the tarp I've been making... It is just made from cheap walmart nylon, and I'm hoping to do the dip in silicone treatment, but want to finish all the sewing first, and have to be somewhere like my parent's garage (instead of a small, small apartment).

This is the tarp's bag, it's folded up and that is a 32oz nalgene for comparison. I like sea turtles

This is the tarp folded hot dog style (so it's long and skinny) The demensions are just under 12 feet, by just under 8 feet. The I've got the corner tie outs attached, and was just wondering about the the next set of tie outs... These Tie outs are just made with some extra poly webbing that was close by.
According to the "Ugly Tyvek" tarp the next set of tie outs should be about 3 feet in, but my tarp is a little smaller so 2 1/2 ish feet sound good? Again the obvious answer is to go set it up over my hammock and see where I want them.
Also thought that it would be a good idea to try those tarp clip things, and maybe try a few different positions and see what I like best.
Just wanted to show off my tarp a little bit...