A harty hello to all forum members. I'm about as noob as noob can be. Green, green, green, but enthusiastic as anyone. My name is Todd. Married (18+ yrs. to date), father of two (hench the handle DaddyDaddy - that's pretty much all I hear most days...sweet music it is). Blue collar guy living in central MS. I love the mountains and have been a ground camper for what little camping and hiking I've done over the years. I've been looking at hammocks for about 9 months to see where I wanted to start.
Some of the members may not want me to say this but Shug is a bit of a hero to me at this point (I know I know nothing about him - just the videos), but he makes me laugh and really had some great ideas for me to work on. I'm in a HH Deluxe Explorer with a Hex fly. Working on my DIY underquilt and top quilt. Looking forward to an inaugural cold hang soon (assuming we ever see a winter here.
Looking forward to learning a lot, meeting some great people, making new friends and much much shorter posts.