I'm a total newbie...educate me.

I've looked at many threads, pages, and Grizzly Adams great videos on hanging a hammock. They all involve rings, buckles, & etc.

I've simply been throwing a piece of webbing, with 2 loops at the end, around a tree. I thread one end through the other and pull it tight.

From each end my hammock to the webbing, I'm using a piece of 6mm Prusik cord. I run the cord through the loop on the webbing and tie it back onto itself with a Taunt Line Hitch.

Once the hitch is set, it's completely adjustable and won't slip on it's own. No, I wouldn't hang 10' in the air off a TLH, but my butts 2' off the ground, and I've never seen a set knot slip.

Since I haven't seen anyone recommend this approach, I'm wondering what I'm missing?