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The wind up on the balds can be, for want of a better term, exciting. But once you get in the trees, it aint too bad. All this from one hike up there, but yea.

(click for the vid, you can't hear a **** thing I say, which is kinda the point lol)

As an aside, I am looking at picking up a sock before I head up. Trying to keep my pack weight as low as possible while still being comfortable, and a 10 degree bonus for a 8-12 ounce sock seems a good way to do it.

Kinda hope to avoid the whole snowshoe issue, since all I have are the gigantic USGI monsters. Going up those hills in those things is not my idea of fun.

Unless temps get closer to 0, I plan on running my "regular" coldweather kit:
KAQ winter Jarbridge UQ
Thermarest Zlite pad for the foot area
Golite TQ
GT "Ultralite" (or thereabouts) hammock
(if I get a sock in time/if the rain holds off) my new ZPacks asym diamond tarp.
Clothing will include the usual layering, lots of fleece and synthetics, with Marmot raingear as my outer shell.
Oh, and a bottle of something at least marginally acceptable.

If it looks to be down near 0, I'll add another pad, and another TQ. And hope thats enough.

Aiming for a pack weight under 20#. Wish me luck.
That asym tarp might be pushing it even with a sock if there's wet precipitation. The nighttime winds are enough to soak a sock if you don't have a sheltered enough space. I'm leaning toward a diamond with my sock, but a bigger one.