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    The most intense one yet :)

    As you will hear Wisenber say Roan delivers. I thought my fingers had frostbite before I got out of the parking lot. It was 12:30am before we made the hang site, 2:30 before getting into the hammock. Poof and I dug a snow pit to ground and used the WindPro for the 'Cousin' while Spammy was getting into his hammock-every one else had been in their rigs for several hours. I didn't sleep at all. I was way warm and cozy but the sound of the zephyrs was just too loud and the gusts jerking the trees kept jerking my whole hammock up and down.
    Next morning was still windy, as windy as the first RHK hang was.
    I won't mention what happened to Wisenber and almost Poof-up to them if they want to tell that part of the saga.
    Here is the vid-best I could come up with considering fingers needed to operate vid or photo:

    Now here is the sad our group for one reason or many decided to call it a day Neutron was making his way to Overmountain with not only what you see in the pic but also a box of Duraflames. I'll always feel regret over this.

    If any can imbed the vid thanks, wouldn't this time for me.
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