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    3-4 hammock group shelter pics/ideas??? HELP

    Hey y'all- I usually camp with a few other buddies who also love their hammocks and we prefer a group shelter for many reasons:
    Warmth, social, shared gear etc..
    We usually each have 1 tarp so 3 or 4 total and we use them to build out "fort".
    We often build a very small fire inside in the cold months and have tried many different setups

    I was hoping you could share your group shelter ideas and pics with me- we are going to a weekend music festival next Friday-Sunday and would like to have an impressive and luxurious setup

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I've seen two standard hammock/tarp setups, close together, with a third tarp in-between - hung horizontal and high enough to walk under. Your Fire underneath? Even the idea of a small one scares me a bit- hope you also have couple buckets of water.
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