Just registered her about a month ago, and wanted to say hi to everyone! Great to know that more people than myself loves to hang! For the short period i've been here i've learned a lot already, everything from knots, tarps and underquilts. Wifey think im nuts, but she's used to that already ;-)

Bought my first hammock late this summer after having seen one on a wilderness-fair we, the family, visited in june. After watching "thousands" of youtube clips i went for a HH asym with zipper. Just received my omega pacific rings, so are experimenting to hang without making knots. Like it so far. Better yet, my daughter loves it to so im not alone in this. Lives a bit on the countryside and have quite a large garden with beautiful birches where i hang the hammock. Last time i hanged was 3 weeks ago, bit cold tho (-10 celsius), so have to learn more about underquilts.

Anyway, love this site and hope to learn a lot, and possibly contribute something to, at least with pictures.