Hopefully I can get a little help from you guys. I am trying to decide what TQ/UQ combination to go with from Wilderness Logic. I have done a lot of research and am totally sold on them.

I live in the Elizabethton, TN area which is between Erwin, TN and Damascus, VA on the AT. We have a pretty average climate with winter lows being around the mid 20s and summer highs being around the 90s. These are averages so it can peek higher or lower on occasion.

I currently tent camp around here and have no problems staying comfy in a 40 degree synthetic bag with proper clothing layers and a fleece bag liner when needed.

So with all of that said, which combos of TQ/UQ should I look at? I have read where several people have said they took their WL Summer Series Quilts to around the freezing mark and were comfortable. looking at their size and weight, I am really wondering if they would work around here with a good baselayer, fleece and down jacket added. Or would I need to go with a more traditional 20 degree set up?

My biggest concern is being able to use the colder setup in the summer also. I know that the simple option is to get both but that is more than I want or have to spend. I have been saving for quite some time to get what I have and want the best bang for my buck.

So what setup would you recommend?