Just a heads-up on an email I just received. This is a pretty cool idea, rewarding customers for their opinions. Happy savings!

"Hello Strapworks.com Customers,

Here at Strapworks.com we understand that every penny counts and that any chance you can get a discount you should take it. So, we have decided to offer a few discount programs for you so that you can get even better pricing at Strapworks.com on your merchandise. We have found that the best form of advertising is word-of-mouth; we would like to reward you with the following just for telling your friends, family, or whomever about Strapworks.com.

Write a review about a product that you have purchased
Go to your favorite Strapworks.com product’s page and located just below the “description” is a link called “Write a Review”. For each review you write you will receive a 5% discount on your next order (only one discount per order, with 3 discount total limits). Since we do not want you to provide your personal information in your review, for your personal security, please email Marketing@strapworks.com once you have finished your review so it can be authorized and a discount coupon can be sent to you.

Add a banner link to your site
Add a banner or text link to your site pointing to Strapworks.com or your favorite Strapworks.com product. For each month you have that link on your site (link must be approved by Strapworks.com staff) you will receive a 10% discount on your next order (only one discount per order). Contact Marketing@strapworks.com for more about this program.

Write a review about Strapworks.com
Write your own personal review about your experience with Strapworks.com on any forum, blog or discussion website that you are a member of (please do not write on just any random website; we would like it to be informative) or tell everyone about your favorite Strapworks.com product and how it may benefit them. You will receive a 5% discount on your next order for each review (only one discount per order, 3 discounts total limit). Email Marketing@strapworks.com with the link to the review and we will email you back with the discount coupon.

We would like to take this time, to thank you for your time in considering these offers, also thank you for helping make Strapworks.com the largest consumer strap strap accessories site on the internet.

Strapworks.com and its owners/staff reserve the right to limit the amount of discount coupons offered to any one person, business, or household. This program might end at any time without notice.

Donna Stephens

I think that's a good way to treat folks and I hope they are successful.