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    Keeping warm for winter camping?

    Ok I am trying to devise a sleeping arangement that will be warm in the winter here. It is getting warmer around here. Last night it was only -10C so it isn't getting THAT cold at night.

    I am planning on taking a little over nighter to the local wilderness park and camp out there for a night to test out my winter/cold weather sleeping gear! I will be close to the car and can come home if need be!

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    There are a couple threads here and I have some pics in my gallery, but I am a real big fan of a hammock sock/travel pod. It traps in the warm air and blocks the wind from hitting you. The big thing if you decide to make one is to use DWR and not sil. You want it to breath to let out the condensation. I put a strip of non-coated at the top to help this. I only had problems below 0 deg F.

    I was about to use just my JRB nest and sock into the teens. I haven't tried it yet, but I am thinking I could get into the 50's F without an underquilt. That is usually in bug season, so I don't think I will have it along.

    In the end I think I would be warm enough if I had enough ccp's underneath and a warm enough bag overtop.
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    Check here for a great place to start learning about keeping warm in a hammock.
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    I tested my gear out a week ago, down to 18 F, and was toasty. I was using a HH and a JackrBetter long Old Rag for an underquilt and the No Sniveller on top. I also have the Hennessy Overcover to close off the netting but I didn't use it. My nose may have stayed warmer if I had. I had a thin baselayer on with some over clothes and a wool sweater and a fleece hood. If I had added the Overcover I believe I could have gone down to zero or less without any discomfort.
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