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Thread: UQ TQ question

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    UQ TQ question

    If I use my LeighLo 66" 15* UQ under me, and my Big Agnes 45* bag on top, realistically, what kind of temps do you think a warm sleeper could handle? I'd probably wear my Mountain Hardware jacket also.

    My whole post sounds like a plug for all three products

    Does anyone else use a similar set-up?


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    I can't speak for your particular products, but I can say that anyone else's experiences are really going to be unique to that person.

    I will say that for myself, I have used a 45* bag as a top quilt, a 40* underquilt, and a short thermarest CCF pad down to about 28* while wearing wool socks, midweight base layer bottoms, a fleece pullover, and a microweight fleece beanie. I did eventually shove my down jacket to wrap around my feet, as they were getting cold. The most significant heat that I did lose was through the CCF pad and through my feet, while my upper body (which was protected only by the underquilt) was nice and warm. I would imagine that with a 15* UQ I could reasonably go to or slightly below freezing and be toasty warm. With my Marmot down jacket I could probably go to 20* and be warm enough to sleep well, but might get cold just before dawn. I've found that I lose a lot more heat through the bottom of my hammock than through whatever I'm using as a top quilt.

    Eat a good snack or meal right before bed, and don't drink too much water before bed. Or alcohol. That's bad, too. Unless you drink enough that it doesn't matter how cold you are.


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