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    Quote Originally Posted by Agfadoc View Post
    I think you're right, after looking at mine, there's no way it would fit around the waist.

    So how did you maintain the zipper on the extended portion of the vest side? does the extension itself still have it's own zipper?
    Nothing fancy - I simply cut the zipper with the rest of the coat and then using the same bias tape used to cover the cut seam I simply extended the bias over the end of the zipper, folded it back and tacked right up against the teeth so that the zipper pull couldn't come off.

    My zipper arrangement is kind of funky, the footbox part ends up zipping down towards my feet, then the extension zips towards my head (mostly cause it felt "right" to sew the waists together and then it ended up that way) and the jacket upper still zips up towards my chin as would be expected. I suppose I could have reversed the footbox zipper so as to allow me to zip only part way to be able to vary the amount of footbox that was closed but to be honest I was lazy

    I have also added a pair of snaps to the outer part of the jacket collar on the footbox so that the collar can be folded inward and secured and the end of the footbox completely shut.
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