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    Fabric with a high breaking strength?

    I'm looking into the possibilities of making something similar to the Tentsile Stingray (picture attached) but I'm not sure what I would need to use for the floor. I'm more concerned about cost than weight as this would be more of a car camping tent or a tree house for kids.

    I already have some "200D Oxford Nylon" from DIY Gear Supply laying around and that seems to be pretty strong stuff but I'm not sure if would support the weight of 2-3 adults (500-600lbs) as well as the stress from the straps when pulled tight.

    I have no idea what kind of strength fabrics have for this sort of thing, but knowing that the straps are winched to pull it taught that says a fair bit on the amount of tension the fabric will have to endure.

    Any ideas, advice, opinions, whatever would be greatly appreciated.
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