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    Another ecstatic customer

    About 9 years ago, i bought one of the Jacks first underquilts. i don't even think it had a name. it was made to fit a hennessy, with the velcro slit, and has ends you can pucker up with a couple drawstrings. And it's green. really really green. anyway, i also bought a suspension system for it, a simple pair of shockcords and 4 mini biners. then, one of the poor Jacks spent 40 minutes on the phone with me while i was out in my back yard trying to figure out how to make it work. I was happy. I lose an occasional feather (doesn't everyone), and i lost one of the cordlocks a few years ago, but i love my Jacks UQ. It has been awesome.

    Well, this past weekend, i was out hammock camping with some bushcraft forum buddies from east texas, and realized my shock cords were shot... just old, raggedy, and worn out from use and Southern heat. so when i got home, i emailed the Jacks to see about buying some new ones. 'bout time, huh? cheap SOB that i am, i've got 4 perfectly good biners, so i asked them "hey, how much for just the shock cords?" The response was pretty short: "what's your address?" lo and behold, 3 days later, I got a package... 2 shock cords and 4 brand new wire-gate biners that are WAY nicer than the old ones. FREE. now, THAT'S customer appreciation... Thank you Jacks, for remembering an old customer who hasn't talked to you (further evidence of the quality of their product) in 9 years.

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    They are hard to beat allrighty!

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