As I'm sure y'all know, the ENO hammocks come with huge carabiners attached. I figured I didn't need them so took them off. Well I went a step further and figured I could run my whoopie slings right through the channel and get rid of the rope part at the end as well. While this did work, it was to the overall detriment of the hammock, as it now snugs down too tightly (before, the ropes helped spread out the tension a bit, where as now, the whoopies cinch down too tightly in the channel) so now in a DoubleNest, only one person can lay in it (not ideal for many reasons ).

So I'm hoping that perhaps someone here knows how to tie them back (I kept the small bits of rope since "you never know when you're going to need this for something else!") or perhaps another way to tie them on as securely (knots are not my forte). I remember they ran them through twice, tied the knot, moved the knot inside the channel, and then did some loopy thing at the end to attach the carbiner to, but beyond that, not enough to replicate it again.