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    Question UK > South > None (Question on wild camping)

    Hi all, hoping this is an ok place to post this question.
    If not, mods please advise.

    I'm a recent new addition to the hangers having just completed my setup for hammocking.

    Wanted to ask about people's experiences Wild camping in the UK. Specifically the South but in general. And for any tips.

    I know the Law in the UK. You need permission from land owners. I know Camping sites are likely to get fussy about hammocks for health and safety reasons (i.e. they've not seen one before and are scared of you suing them when you fall on your ***)

    I know Scotland is a good spot because of the 2005 right to camp laws. But it's far away for me on the south coast. (8 hours drive)

    So wild camping in National Parks and Forestry commission seems the only guaranteed choice. Providing I adhere to the leave no trace rule.
    New forest is near by, as is the Purbecks, Devon/Cornwall aren't unreasonably far.

    So any tips for avoiding problems with Wild camping? Or places I should seek out.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    You guys south of the border have it quite tough , the bushcraftuk and naturalbushcraft forums have quite regular meets and there are quite a lot of hangers on there as well so you could consider that?

    Other than that there are a couple of places that you ARE allowed to wild camp in england but I can't remember them off the top of my head. Sorry, but im sure if you search the uk forums you will find info without much difficulty... that really is the best/easiest way to find this kind of info.

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