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Grip Clips to pull the tarp out exactly where needed worked for me with the JRB 11X10 tarp:

This last pic shows end closed and no Grip Clip on the left, but GC on the right, for comparison.

Well, finally some one is saying it! I was beginning to think other folks ( I have one also ) RRs had magic spreader bars or something, as I had seen so few comments about folks finding them to be a challenge with their tarps, or how they had to use quite big tarps, and maybe still a challenge. I knew I had always had trouble with by BMBH, a problem I had to solve and did, and those RR bars are a lot wider. So I couldn't figure out how they were not at least as much of a problem as the BMBH. I think I asked a few times, but complaints were about non-existent except for the BMBH. But that made no sense to me, so thanks for putting it out there!
I need to try these first, these are great! Thanks!