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    I'm definitely gonna try washing it as well.

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    Yeah, I had that problem in the beginning too. Felt as if everything was still swaying a couple days after I got out of the hammock, had trouble walking and everything. I just started to babystep into it after the initial discomfort went away, layed down for 5-10-15 mins at a time and suddenly it just didn't feel weird anymore!

    So, my 2 cents is to keep practising. But don't fall asleep the first few times, easier said than done, I know, but just try to take it step by step. When you start too feel the "vertigo" appear, just get out in time and try again the next day. It took a fair amount of exercise before it went away for me, but now I can hang for over 12 hours with no problem at all!

    Good luck!

    Cheers / SwedeMix
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