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    I had this same problem with my 20 degree incubator and burrow, was warm everywhere but my toes... Grabbed some flamethrower socks from AHE and I now use a partial length UQ and my toes have never been happier

    Quote Originally Posted by widdors View Post
    Ya, my back and butt were warm, just my two big toes were cold. I've never done any winter camping, so I'd like to know that I can stay warm and comfortable before heading out. I'll do some more reading on vapor barriers, it seems like the next step.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sploiz View Post
    I have a new river long and the stuff sack is kinda large. Its my only complaint. If the stuff sack was shorter and wider I think it would work better for me. It doesn't really fit well anywhere on my pack, but I make it fit because its awesome. It keeps me warm from my head to my feet.
    I don't really mind the size of the New River in the stuf sack. It fully fills the bottom of my pack in a lengthwize position. It seems to give it better balance or equilibrium on the bottom of the pack and things go on top of it just fine. With the Jarbidge I would need to put something next to it in the bottom of my pack to 'even out' the bottom.

    You can always use a compression sack for the New River on shorter trips, but I would not store it in the compression sack for long. I have a compression sack from an old sleeping bag which got the New River down to the size of a volleyball. Unless I am packing a ton or for over a week trek then I don't see me using the compression sack.

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