OK so this is more just me getting excited about my awesome idea. If you have seen any of my other posts you know I have been toying with the idea of throwing out my bed and just going to a hammock. This was in part for comfort and also for space. I bought a Brazilian hammock and then the weather turned.. it hit the 15 mark and didn't jump much higher for a while.. now the nights are around 25 +/- . I tried a heater in my room but got cold but, or if my but was warm I was sweating to death.. so I got the idea for the thermal blanket. I bought a queen size blanket and attached it by putting a small fishing weight threw the bottom and a slip not around the top where the weight was pushing threw to secure the rope to the blanket... I will attach pics later. It hangs a little loose which works out perfect and on low heat it is perfect. I now have a toasty warm hammock.. I almost couldn't get out this morning... just had to tell someone who might geek out on this as much as I did. Y'all have a good day!