So, being the kind of guy I am, I've met and made friends with a number of the folks at my local Backwoods store.

I've actually made arrangements to put on a hammock camping discussion/demonstration/presentation this coming April at our local store. They're actually going to make an "event" out of this, following the monthly hike. They're going to do an outdoor lunch thing and provide me space to setup a stand outside, if the weather permits.

I threw together a high level training outline, and have hit up a number of the local hangers to assist with some additional gear to let me use for the demo.

Thinking I'm going to try to setup a tensegrity stand (will put together and practice this well beforehand) and have a couple of different setups to show them some of the options and methods we use to solve the normal problems that all campers cope with.

I'm hoping this will be kind of a "goodwill" thing for hammock camping.

I did want to ping the moderators/administrators here as to whether or not I could include links to the hammock forums site in my presentation. If any of the mods/admins could reach out to me via PM to discuss the best way to do this stuff, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Just thought I'd share...this is one way we can forward our cause and get hammock camping into being a much more acceptable method.