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    Quote Originally Posted by EpicRider View Post
    OutnBack- I just checked out the quilt on the site. Do you think this is among the lightest/most packable options for me? if I am going to almost buy a sleeping bag again price-wise I want to get something that will pack up teenie tiny. I may be carrying some of the girlfriend's gear as well. sigh
    Quote Originally Posted by EpicRider View Post
    Follow UP: looks like the WB Yeti is the nicest UQ for packability and weight. Anyone have better suggestions?
    The Yeti is an excellent UQ as well you would stay warm with either.
    The Yeti is a little shorter and little narrower that may or may not be an issue.

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    EpicRider, try out the stock hammock for a couple nights before you start buying. Learn the knots and stock set-up, but Ifind that 2 each 1" climbing rings on each end are sure easier for re-adjustment (like on a motorcycle helmet strap).
    I keep the hammock in the snake skins and the tarp seperate. When tarp is dry they both are in the HH stuff sack. I keep the tarp seperate when it is damp - I stuff it in a small nylon web bag - the kind that oranges or kids toys come it. You can just cut a small hole in a corner of the web bag and you have a breathable Bishop bag for your wet tarp.
    Sounds like you have decided on the quilts.
    Using a Bike, you are more interested in size than shaving off a few grams of weight, so only add what you need (this will help save more room for the girfriend's stuff:>).
    To shave off pounds - have the GF carry your stuff:>).
    Enjoying the simple things in life.

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