Below is a demonstration of me setting my hammock using (1) tree and (1) pole. I use this solution in my backyard (not pictured here!) - where my trees aren't spaced appropriately.

I will post a follow up part on the materials used.

The ideas aren't new - I just wanted to show more details in the video to prompt others to come up with suggestions or their own variations.

Thanks to LiteFoot for doing a show and tell on his variation at Uwharrie/Yates Place. He wanted something simple,cheap, available in one box store and not overly complicated to put together.

LiteFoot borrowed ideas from Alamosa for the Stake Booms and geneal structure. More on Amaslma's fine work Stake Boom and Portable Hammock Stand

Let me know your thoughts.

Oh and I go 185# and 6'2" ... No issues so far