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    Quote Originally Posted by fartintone View Post
    First off JRB ROCKS! Thanks Jacks! The 3 Seasons Special was ordered Wednesday afternoon, and was slept in Saturday night; great purchasing experience!

    This is my noob perspective of my first hammock camping experience:

    The tarp functioned as a tarp. It wasn't easy to hang, but a pair of Dutch Flyz has been ordered to facilitate the process. The operator didn't hang it high enough, so a sock was used on the ends of the spreader bars for protection.

    The BMBH UL was easy to hang, and was plenty comfortable. I am afraid of putting too much tension on the netting zipper, so a Dutch Detachable Adjustable UCR ridgeline has been ordered to, maybe, keep doo-doo from occurring. After learning an ingress/egress method, the hammock did not seem tippy at all, in fact, I found laying on it with the spreader bars almost vertical most comfortable. With the bars in the horizontal position, and lying on my back, there was some squeeze, but more in the lat area than the shoulders, making it difficult to lay with my elbows at my sides. I'm thinking I might try a pad, and see how that works. Side sleeping was a breeze.

    I am a cold sleeper, and my toes got a little nippy, but everything else stayed warm inside of the Jack's quilts with fleece sleepwear, cap, and neck gator on a 31F night.

    Overall, I'm excited about getting involved in a new hobby, and Jacks R Better has made it easy and comfortable to get started.
    Congrats on some great gear,the jacks are a class act.

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    Just as a follow-up, a ridgeline has been set to keep the outer edges of the primary rings at 104.5". The running end of the web straps stay strung through the primary rings and threaded back through one side of the tri-glide buckle. Dutch Clips have been added to the loop end of the straps. My set-up is to hook the dutch clips onto the strap around a tree, center the hammock, and pull the straps tight. So far, so good, nice and easy. YMMV. Thanks JRB!
    Still shakin' it Boss, still shakin' it.

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    I have ordered from Jacks twice and I've been pleased with there products nice guys to deal with very helpful

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