I'm a hefty noobie to the forum who is also a Texas good ol' boy (6ft 1" and 285lbs) so need to pay attention to size, weight limits etc. So I'm looking for guidance. I've been a car camper for years. I want the hammock to be a tent replacement as I get into backpacking and bicycle camping so bug netting and tarp are a must but so is ventilation in the Texas Summers.

Looking around off the bat there are 3 commercially made hammocks that peaked my interest.

- Kammok looking at their kickstarter video their values jive with mine and they are Texas based so that is a plus. However, lack of tarp, bug netting leaves me with knowing I'll have to pay or make those for true camping purposes.

- Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro- has integrated bug netting over the top looks nice.

- ENO SingleNest Hammock - or - Spring for the ENO One Link Hammock Shelter System.

Recommendations to get this Texas Boy off the ground appreciated.