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    Everything is bigger in Texas- Hefty Hammock Recommendations

    I'm a hefty noobie to the forum who is also a Texas good ol' boy (6ft 1" and 285lbs) so need to pay attention to size, weight limits etc. So I'm looking for guidance. I've been a car camper for years. I want the hammock to be a tent replacement as I get into backpacking and bicycle camping so bug netting and tarp are a must but so is ventilation in the Texas Summers.

    Looking around off the bat there are 3 commercially made hammocks that peaked my interest.

    - Kammok looking at their kickstarter video their values jive with mine and they are Texas based so that is a plus. However, lack of tarp, bug netting leaves me with knowing I'll have to pay or make those for true camping purposes.

    - Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro- has integrated bug netting over the top looks nice.

    - ENO SingleNest Hammock - or - Spring for the ENO One Link Hammock Shelter System.

    Recommendations to get this Texas Boy off the ground appreciated.

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    Given your parameters I'd say check out Dream Hammock's line up. You'll end up spending about the same amount of cash, yet have something made in the USA by forum member PapaSmurf. And it will have everything you're looking for already built in.
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    Cataverie speaks truth... I'm a south Texas born and bred boy myself... Bug nets are required... The papa smurf makes great stuff... Integrated bug nets are nice because it means you won't forget it... And just about anything offered by the people on this forum will back pack well as long as your not getting ultralight... But there's not going to be a lot of ultralight options in your weight range anyways... Welcome to the insanity, hammocks breed in the dark bro... You start with one, come back a while later and you will have 3 I promise...
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    I started w/ENO Doublenest. I picked up a second DN as part of a ONE-Link system after a week. It has served me well for coming-up on one year.

    The combination of the One-link system and this forum have provided so much enjoyment that I could not recommend any other set-up.

    The One-link system is pretty durable. A bit weighty but still lighter than the back-packing tent it replaced. I have 2 sons who are less than gentle with my gear. The ENO gear has stood up to their abuse.

    The price is quite reasonable. Yes, you will eventually spend more ... I bought my first set of whoopie slings but have since spent more on amsteel 7/64 than on the first ENO DN and more still on Dutchgear. I spent months using an REI pad before investing in my first Hammockgear underquilt and now am approaching $1000 in goose down.

    You can buy a more comfortable hammock, (I am starting to weigh my options between 11 foot hammocks) but the fun you'll have with any of the hammocks you're looking at will be irreplaceble.

    I have seen a couple ENO One-link systems offered up for sale on the forum today. I'd offer you mine but it is still too much fun.

    Good Luck

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    6'2". 350 lbs. This is what I've used ( and yes they do multiply).
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    Switchback 1.9 double layer (tree to tree trail gear)
    Db 72 ( on its way )
    Eno double
    Bias prototype
    Yukon outfitters double- which is now my bed inside
    A snugpak jungle hammock- short but worked as my starter
    And 2 diy tablecloth hammocks
    Snugpak-wbbb-db72-sw 1.9. All have integrated nets.
    Honestly you will probably have to try a few to find the best for you. I thought with my first one -snugpak- that I was good. But then I got wbbb from here and OMG. So now I have the sw1.9 getting a rw mod from2qzq and waiting for my db to be mailed.
    Any of those will do. I do have to say for the 20 bucks I spent on the yukon it has to be the best ratio of comfort to money good luck and welcome to the madness. Btw I just started last year
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