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Very interesting type of setup.

You have had continued success with the setup ? How much weight ?

What condition were the "used" poles ?
"Others have found better sources." can you direct to the source/link ?

Have other HF members tried this ?

Guess I will jump back into reading the very lengthy turtledog saga.

Continues to be very successful.

Weighs ~2.2 lbs/section so 33 to 35 lbs depending on the ridgepole length and breaks down into 4' lengths that fit in the supplied bag.

See pg 68 of the Turtlelady thread for additional info. Posts 675 and 676 have info on better pricing.

Several other HF members have tried this set up.

Most info is in the Turtlelady Bamboo Stand thread linked above. See the MustardDog thread for a wild set up using these poles.

Either install the snap buttons Mustardman came up with or use a wrap of duct tape/gaffers tape at the joints.