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    DIY Hennessy Q's

    Hi, fairly new here, was just wondering if anyone has played around with recreating the Hennessy hang. I was interested with the end folds. I remember finding a post months ago in which someone (kindly) destroyed their hennessy to show how it was put together, but I can't seem to find it, and I recall that the end folding was a little complicated. Maybe I'm overthinking it?

    I have a double-hemmed soft light taffeta/nylon just begging to be finished, but I thought it better to get some advice before I potentially destroy it.

    My hammock creations in the past includes just folding some fabric over, triple sewing and feeding in the rope per end.

    I hear the Hennessy lies super flat, and I also like the idea of tying it down (more stable in wind?), so I was hoping to give it a go!


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    I think this is the one your thinking about. Can be found in the diy section under forum tab.

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