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How tall are you? Or any other taller folk using this set? Just wondering if its enough coverage for someone 6'1+. I see they are cut a little short to save on weight, mostly worried about the TQ. Hard to beat the price on the set though.
Sorry for not getting back to this until now. Been extremely busy at home and work here lately.

To answer your question, I am 6'4" and had no problems with the TQ. When laying perfectly straight the quilt came up to the tops of my shoulders. Once I "snuggled" down into and bent my body slightly I was able to pull the TQ up over the top of my head. It was quite toasty like that I must say! If I had to put a height limit on these TQs I would probably go with around 6'6" or 6'7".

If you have major concerns I would just give Marty a call and you could probably get him to make one a tad bit longer.