This is my first attempt at making a video like this so go easy on me.

As promised here are my first impressions of the Wilderness Logics Summer Series Quilts. As I stated in an earlier post, when I first received the quilts in the mail I looked them over to see the quality of the stitching and such. I could not find a single imperfection in anything. Everything about the quilts screamed perfection.

It was a few days until I got the chance to head out for an overnight trip with my oldest son to try the quilts out. The temps were expected to be in the upper 40s for the high and lower 30s for the low. We hiked in to our spot and found that the site we had planned on camping in had been trashed pretty badly by previous campers. It looked like they had left most everything behind including their tent, food and clothes.

We spent the first hour or so cleaning up the camp spot. After getting things cleaned up some, we set about hanging our hammocks and getting everything set up. This was also my official hammock hang so setting things up was interesting. I have had a hammock out when doing several nights at the lake and such but would sleep in my tent and not the hammock.

After a day of fishing and goofing off with my son, we decided to hit the hammocks around 8:30 PM. I was dressed in my synthetic long john base layers, Columbia Zip-Off Pants, a short sleeve synthetic shirt, fleece ľ zip shirt and Mountain Hardware 800 FP down jacket. On my feet I had a pair of Darn Tough merino wool socks and a pair of Smart Wool socks over top of those.

I had meant to bring a fleece sleeping bag liner that I normally carry in the summer months when tent camping along with an inflatable seat pad for under my feet but forgot those. I slept amazingly for the majority of the night until about 5:00 am. Around then I woke up with my toes about to freeze off. I got up out of the hammock to use the bathroom and when I got back in I got my rain jacket and wrapped it around my feet hopping that would work. Alas it didnít! It hit an overnight low of 30 degrees, which is 15 degrees lower than what Wilderness Logics rates their Summer Series Quilts at so I am pretty satisfied. I think with the fleece bag and inflatable seat I would be able to go a bit lower if needed.

Again I am very satisfied with the outcome. My goal was to get my pack weight down to around 12 lbs. base weight for both summer and winter carry which I accomplished. It might not be a true 4 season load out for my area but I would definitely call it a 3 and half season load out.