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    I recommend a bishop bag or snake skins with webbing suspension and ring buckles. Toss a carabiner on the end of each Webbing strap and your good-to-go. Everything can be setup with one hand and a shoulder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgibson View Post
    I have a couple friends that works with adaptive systems for disabled vets in the Tenkara fishing world.

    Paul: Would that be the group from Hanger Prosthetics? I'm also into Tenkara fishing and I saw that video of the group from Hanger taking a bunch of disabled vets out for a fly fishing session. When I shattered my left elbow 3 years ago I had an internal prosthetic which replaces the end of my Radius bone. Hanger built the arm brace I used and helped me whenever I needed an adjustment to the fit me as my swelling and bandages changed. They're good people and I really appreciated their care.

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