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    Ready to hang but need some insight!

    Firstly, what a blessing it has been to read all of the amazing information on this forum. I thank you all for that. And thanks to Shug, Fronkey, and TheBrewGuy for the great videos/ideas thus far.

    SO. I will be purchasing my first hammock here very soon. I've narrowed it down to the BIAS WWM DL. After a lot of research, I prefer to purchase from a smaller company (I come from a long line of small business family), and I opted for the Double Layer to use a pad (initially) until I can get into a proper UQ. <I am somewhat of a weight conscious backpacker, so the WWM (even double layered) will work well for my purposes.>

    My questions here are: Given the 9' fixed ridge line, what sort of dimensions should I consider to DIY a Hex tarp? I like the idea of a hex tarp because (even slightly heavier) I feel it offers a ton of versatility for not only hammock camping, but also great multi-purpose out in the woods in many different scenarios.

    I am not afraid to DIY almost anything. I have been blessed with great mechanical abilities (I've been building cars for over a decade), and am a very fast learner. ALSO, a good friend of mine has already made his whole hammock setup (tarp and bugnet included) so I have that resource as well.

    Am I supported in my hammock choice? *(6' 170lbs) And getting into the DIY tarp (and more likely than not a bugnet as well), any resources or dimensional advice for me right now?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

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    Look up the wilderness logics tad pole and use those dimensions... A lot of people swear by that tarp so it must be doing something right in the dimension department...
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