I was thinking about the end flaps, or caps, or eaves, or gables, or whatever. I like the idea for some situations, but I really dislike having two more tie-outs (one on each end). So I tried to think of a way to do it w/o the tie-outs. What do y'all think of this?

Rather than making two caps, just have one piece of material. Sew it permanently to one side, then put velcro/zipper on the other side. When in use, it's attached to both sides of the tarp but just hangs down. Not straight down...it'll be shaped so the almost conforms to the bottom of the hammock but there should be a ~2' space between the hammock and tarp flap.

If the wind blows rain underneath at the ends, the rain will hit the outside of the hanging flap and run down the bottom.

The important thing...at the apex of the tarp there will be a small gap for the hammock support and ventilation. Maybe a small piece of elastic will keep the gap underneath the tarp's ridgeline so no rain comes inside the flap.

- Put a pocket along the edge closest to the ground. Putting something in the pocket would help keep the flap from flapping, too.
- Make both sides removable.