I too must agree on the quality of service! This was not the first time ordering from Stu. Ordered Whoopie Slings late in the week, received a quick reply saying they would be out for the weekend and returning Monday. Was fine with me everyone needs down time. Then the very next day (Saturday) received an e-mail saying things were shipped. Wonderful service!
Put the whoopie slings on my Hennessy per his excellent video in no time. Set the hammock up and I must confess looking at the diameter of the slings my brain kept saying this might be a problem. After using the stock hanging system of Hennessy with the bigger diameter cordage for 12+ years and seeing the smaller whoopie sling cordage it just didn't want to register that everything will be fine. Hung the hammock so much quicker with this system. Gently sat in the hammock laid back and everything is great. But still in the back of my mind there was concern. Guess I'll have to break myself of the bigger the better thing.
Thanks, Stu