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    Polyester Microfiber

    Tablecloths into hammocks got me to thinking. Could there be a similar approach in the search for the elusive polyester microfiber fabric? TeeDee recommended polyester microfiber as an ideal bridge hammock body fabric for comfort and low stretch in the Bridge Design Principles post.
    While searching for polyester microfiber fabric, I found a link to microfiber polyester bed sheets:
    The sheets are described as 75 GSM (which I assume is grams/square meter) which converts to 2.21 oz./square yard. A queen flat sheet would yield 2 pieces at 88 long x 51 wide (enough for 2 bridge hammock bodies) and, if my math is right, would come to $2.86/linear yard @ 51 wide. I found them at other stores at lower prices, but no listed weight.
    Would these work for hammock bodies you think? Has anyone tried this before?

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    Microfiber fabric can vary so wildly that it's hard to say. For the price it's worth a shot I'd say. Some microfiber fabrics are prone to running tears more so than others but it should hold the load just fine at that weight fabric. Basically the only problem I could see would be easily detected early on if you're willing to possibly rip apart your new sheets.
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    Thanks Pag. I may test some I saw at local Walmart and post results. I'm not sure what top quality polyester microfiber is so am not sure how to compare. I guess if it works it works.

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