Hi all! I just found your fine site. Wow, what a lot of information. To think just a few days ago all I thought all you did was go buy a Hennsey or some company I'd never heard of, Warbonnet. Did I mention I am a noob, lol?
I've been reading the site for a few days now now and I'm just swamped with confusion now. I'm not a forum newbie so I won't ask the "What's the best hammock" question. I have watched Shug's videos. One question though. Was Shug the way he is before or does hanging in woods make you that way,lol? Great vids btw Shug. I couldn't help but laugh.
I plan on mostly motorcycle camping and some bicycle camping. Since some of my camping will be on a bicycle I'm looking at something lighter but not backpacking light. Comfort is top priority for me. I'll also be a fair weather hanger nothing colder then 40 for me. Because of the warmer weather I'd like the built in bug netting. I'm 6'3" and 240 lbs. and a side sleeper.
I have been so over whelmed with info and options I don't know where to start now, lol. Oh then then add to that all the DIY options, my head is swimming.
Thanks for any direction you could point me in. I don't mind doing the research if get a direction. I feel like I have ADD. I look at one thing then all of a sudden I go "Look a squirrel".
Thanks "A confused future hanger"