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    Afternoon Gear Trial Run Before LSHT

    Just a couple hundred yards from the house is this nice little valley with some trees that you can get some hammocks up in. We were doing a trial run on tarp set up and hammock set up prior to the LSHT trip detailed here:

    Some things we tried out were using a bush buddy stove to boil water for ramen soup:

    The China version jet boil knock off was the first to get a boil. Number 2 son is first to eat:

    One aspect of our trip planning will be how to get everything to fit in packs for hiking and set up down the trail.

    Overall, it was a real nice afternoon, and we learned a lot about setting up our tarps. An attempt at porch mode, using the hiking pole:

    Napping away the afternoon:

    Take it easy,
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