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    I find these set ups ideal. I'm a big boy (300+ lbs) which means that my options are a little more limited, but the COMFORT! I actually whip 2 tablecloths together for a double layer hammock (since mosquitoes are the size of pelicans in Louisiana), and it also makes for a great place to stash a sleeping bag since i don't have an underquilt yet. It's incredibly versatile, stylish, and yes, definitely heavier than the rip stop I was carrying, but I don't suffer from near as much shoulder squeeze. In fact, if I can't get comfortable in my setup, it must be because I don't want to be.

    Of course, since I am a larger person, I don't mind carrying a few more ounces. To me, it's still lighter than taking a tent with poles and whatnot, and it compresses much more. Though I speak from the shallow side of experience since I've only just started seriously camping in any form at the age of 31 now 32.

    Ultimately it's going to come down to personal preference, and since I'd rather sleep better in the wilds than I do in my own home, I'll choose this set up every time. I'll just have to find ways to lighten my load on other articles in my gear.

    Btw great looking setup Papa Smurf. I tend to go for a little more flashy, but I love the natural look. I didn't recognize it as a taffeta hammock upon first inspection!

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    I love the fact that there are options for "the bigger crowd" I am 320 lbs with bad back knees and shoulders due to a lifetime of "fun and stupidity". I entered into the hammock world because I simply could not sleep on the ground anymore - even with an air mattress and really missed wilderness camping. It was too hard on the knees to stoop and crawl into the tent. to hard on the back to lay flat as well
    Yes it appears to be heavier but that really depends on where you started out. I am switching from an 11 lb tent so a double layer 2.6 oz tablecloth is a weight bargain for me.
    I think PapaSmurf is on to something as well. I have read alot of posts about weight reduction and then see the same posters commenting on the extra gear they carry like radios, firestarter kits, extra shoes, flashlights etc.... So in the end I think it is really a personal choice as to what you deem "necessary" to bring along on the trip. I am just glad we have the options we do as opposed to say 25 years ago
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