Newbie here, but no newbie to hams. I lived in Thailand for 3 years in a hammock so I know what I like and don't like. However, after returning back to the states I have noticed my ol' jungle hammy won't cut it here in the Apps. Warbonnet has my attention, specifically the ridgerunner.

I am worried after using an in-gather for so long I won't like the bridge style, even though it seems more appealing. I am not a fan of the Blackbird, since it uses tie outs on the sides much like a HH i once tried. I have also tried a Clark NX with the hoop rings, very nice but too pricey for me.

I crunched the numbers with Warbonnet, about 50 oz or 3lbs for hammock w/ integrel bug net, tarp and under quilt. That is how much a Clark NX weighs with no tarp or under quilt. I even looked at going simple again with ENO. But if you add up the weight of hammock, bug net, straps, tarp etc...very heavy compared to Warbonnet.

So is Warbonnet the way to go for me? They seem fairly popular on this forum and a good alternative to HH and Clark. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.