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    I had a lot of trouble with my Thermarest Pro-Lite 4 moving around, and I eventually bought a quilt. Between the slipping and cold shoulders, I got tired of fighting with the pad.

    If you're going to stick with a pad, I'd suggest one that has grippers. My wife's pad has little circles of a rubbery material printed on it that keep it from sliding around the tent. I assume they would do the same thing in the hammock.

    Quote Originally Posted by callihan_44 View Post
    alright I tried out my new blackbird 1.1 double and love it, now im debating whether or not i even need my sleeping pad OR selling it and getting a thinner one(currently have a thermarest neo air trekker 2+ inches thick) Im thinking maybe one of the self inflating ones might work better like a thermarest trail lite....does the pad float around much while trying to sleep on it? i really dont want to fight it all night long...thanks!

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    so much hate for the pads ill admit not a warm as a UQ but it sure is simpler to carry for me i haven't had any problem with slippage in the night with my thermorest ultra light and deffently provides noticeable warmth compared to a open hammock.

    just my 2 cents works for me and lets me keep my pack bulk down in all but winter
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    Quote Originally Posted by louisfb View Post
    Do you still need the shoulder extensions when using a pad with a bridge hammock like the RR?


    I find that I still need the extensions with my RR. I use a 25" wide NeoAir Xlite which fits in the sleeve perfectly. I then bought a Zlite(?) and cut it in half. It's the one that folds like an accordion. When cut in half it's the perfect size to protect your shoulders and makes a great sit pad. I place the Zlite inside the hammock and have not had any condensation issues. I believe the NeoAir and the half pad actually weigh less than my full length 20 degree UQ. I carry the pad outside my pack and the NeoAir inside which takes up far less space than my UQ. I don't have to worry about my UQ getting wet and I have a great system for going to the ground in an emergency.


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    Hennessy Double Bubble Radiant Pad

    Tried the HDBR Pad as a spring / summer setup (low 60) with my 45 degree bag. Tried the bag first without the pad and I was a bit cool. Added the pad after about 15 minutes and immediately felt the warmth. Shoulder width is perfect. Didn't slide, but I still plan on using bag cords to fix it in place under the bag. Will use it as a Spring / Summer pad and as a double to my colder setup when the temps really drop.


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