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    What to do with my doors?

    I bought a HG 4S last spring and have not used it much yet. I have been using my WB edge for the nicer weather. Well as of lately it has been 4S weather. I now have run into a small dilemma. Doors are kinda new to me and I'm really not sure of the best way to control them. I'm looking for a clean and simple way to pitch the door as to gain access in and out, and also pull back and out of the way when not needed. I have been using mitten hook on the side pullouts for the doors to keep them out of the way. As for pitching the doors in storm mode one door has a guyline and the other door has shockcord, mitten hook and a cord lock attached to it. I connect the mitten hook to the other doors guyline or D-ring to close. I'm not thrilled with the mitten hooks. I have tried Dutch hooks on the side pullouts but I was afraid they may ware/tear my tarp. Any better rigging ideas or hardware to use please post and maybe a pic or two. Thanks All
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