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    New in Socal

    Hey this forums is great, never knew there was such one! I hike, backpack, camp and offroad in my jeep regulary, love getting into the back country.

    recently i bought a hammock, byer easy traveller hammock for camping. then i thought it would be great to sleep it in and take backpacking, since it weighs less than my tent at 16oz!

    i love camping in big bear, so one weekend i went up to holcomb valley camp (my favorite car camp destination) to try it out. this was in december 2012 and temps were low 20's first night and 18 second night. the first night i used my 20 down bag and fell asleep and woke up to a cold underside so i jumped in my tent already set up with my -10 bag inside just incase. second night i used my -10 bag in the hammock. its a eureka centerfire bag and weighs about 13lbs, always keeps me warm, coldest so far was 9 degrees i camped in it. anyways i was plenty warm in the hammock with the -10 bag at 18 outside. i figure the down was too compressed and that is why i had a cold underside using the 20 deg bag. ive backpacked at 20 degrees and below up san jacinto and the 20 degree bag worked great.

    here is a picture of my setup that night, it was not going to rain but i thought of just trying this out incase of frost.

    im heading out backpacking this weekent to san mateo wilderness, it won't be that cold and on't be below 40 at night. im ditching the tent and bringing my hammock and 20 degree down bag, and i figure ill bring my backpacking air matress for added insulation in the hammock but i don't think ill need it. any tips?

    again this forums is great i can't wait to see what you all are up to and learn more about hammock backpacking!

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    Right on and welcome to HF. Pm me next time you come back up the hill.
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    for sure! i don't have any plans for big bear soon but hopefully ill get up there in march sometime.

    im at work now, backpack all packed ready to go and leaving at noon! left the tent at home, brought the hammock, tarp, stakes, paracord, 20 degree bad and sleeping pad. im either sleeping in the hammock or cowboy camping it for 2 nights 3 days, 24 mile loop! illl post up a report when im back!

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    Welcome from GA! Nice first hang!

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    Welcome! I'm from NY but have hung at Big Bear a couple of times. Nice place.


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