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    My quest for my first hammock.

    Hi Gang. Well my quest for my first hammock continues. I would like to thank all on the forum for the wealth of information that make up this forum and knowledge of it's members. At first I was well over my head. Now I have my nose just above the waterline, LOL.
    After many hours of research on this forum, thanks to my type A personality which sometimes is a curse, lol, I think I have my choices narrowed down to two hammocks, the DH Dangerbird and the WL Nite Owl. Both of these are 11ft, me being 6'3", is a must. Comfort is a big factor for me. The big difference is integrated net or not. The Dangerbird has a choice of fabrics. The Nite Owl is a N.C. company with their showroom about an hour and a half from my house.
    I guess my question for those more experienced then me (everybody) is the pros and cons of have or not having an integrated net in your hammock? Thanks again for all the help guys and I hope to see y'all in the woods soon.

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