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    Question Thread Injector/ Old Singer Attachments

    So I have an old Singer 15-91 clone... It's great for straight stitching, and will fill most of my gear making needs.... However, I also want to try my hand at making hiking pants, backpacks etc... So I figured I may need something that will do zig-zag, buttonhole etc.

    They make attachments for the older singers for such things, but I'm curious if anyone has ever used them in their gear making... Do they leave a consistent stitch, and are they user friendly?

    They aren't exactly cheap, so I was wondering if you guys think they're worth it... Or would I be better off just investing in a used middle of the road electronic thread injector with that stuff built in?

    Thanks for the help!
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    My old Singer has a button hole attachment.
    It works fine.

    The older machines are simpler, which I like better.
    I don't have much need for fancy stitching.


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