So I'm a member of the San Antonio Astronomy Assoc. and we do many school outreach events throughout San Antonio. Our biggest event by far is the NISD Young Astronaut's Stargaze. On that night we have 1,200 fifth graders come in shifts of about 200 each every 20 minutes or so. I got my telescope set up way early so I decided to hang out for a while before the madness started. I used my ENO DN and the Kammock Python Straps. A fellow astronomer wanted to try of the ENO DN so I let her.

Here are the photos from Friday (2/22/13):
Lightpole+basketball hoop=nice

My view from the ENO DN as other astronomers Set up:

Another future hanger tries out my Hammock:

My three telescopes: two 10" dobsonians and one 4.5" f/8 home built.