So the other day I made a hammock for my buddy who is trying to get into hammocking. He was tight on money so I recommended for him to go the DIY route to save some money. Figured this might help others that are considering DIYing their own hammock system.

Here is what he ended up spending after all was said and done for a simple 115" x 56" hammock with whipped ends and complete suspension.

1. 70D DWR Treated Calendared Ripstop Nylon - 4 Yards
$10 I sold him the fabric and hemmed it for him. Expect to pay a bit more normally. has some good deals.
2. Paracord for wipping - Few feet is all you need but you will end up buying 100'
$7.99 +Shipping.
3. 3/16" AmSteel - 20'
$11.50 brick and mortar store. West Marine
4. 1" Polyester Webbing - 30' (10 Yards)
$8 +Shipping.
5. Descender Rings used as Cinch Rings - 4
$12.40 +shipping.
6. Climbing Carabiners - 2 -Optional
$16 +Shipping.

He ended up spending around $65.89. He didnt have to spend on shipping for anything except the descender rings because I have a amazon prime account.
Now I know you can put together a hammock alittle cheaper using some other options for the suspension systems but he wanted to go with the listed setup because he liked it on mine.
As for the tarp, he plans to use a $15 blue tarp from home depot for now. I told him it wasnt cost effect to diy a silnylon tarp. He will buy one later on.

But at least you can see how things can add up quick even though you started with a $10 hammock and ended up spending $55 more to add the suspension and whipping.

Hammock and suspension - $65.89
Tarp - $15
Guy-Lines(Utility Line, Walmart) - $6