I am planning on hiking the 22 mile loop of Linville Gorge in March. March 11,12,13 to be exact. I'm from Ohio and there are not a ton of places with nice views, so I wanted to go someplace that would change all that. Linville Gorge has gotten great reviews from others who have hiked it, but it also looks VERY challenging. My main concern isn't with the up and downs ( Although that looks tough), but moreso with getting lost on the trail ( errr off the trail?).

I won't be taking a GPS with me as I don't own one. I will have a topo map and a compass, but other trip reports Ive read lead me to believe getting lost on this trail is inevitable. I'm not necesarilly in a rush, I have the whole week through the 17 off work, but I would prefer not to be lost in the bush for 3 days.

That said if anyone has any tips, advice, DETAILED TRAIL REPORTS, I would really appreciate it! Also if anyone is free you are ALL welcome to join!